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Who We Are

Since 1996 Netbytes® has been providing trusted, professionally tailored Information Technology (IT) business solutions and consulting services to organizations of all sizes, industries, and locations.

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Our Mission

To provide effective Trusted Technology Solutions® tailored to fit each of our customers' specific business goals and objectives. To be a trusted ally in the "Idea-to-Delvery Cycle" – from Determining Needs, to Design, to Implementation, to Delivery...and beyond. To be responsive to our customers real needs. To deliver complete Trusted Technology Solutions® instead of providing "half-baked" implementations requiring continual revisions to meet the customer's needs.  To educate our customers in the real need for effective security and compliance and help them understand the expensive pitfalls which can occur if proper measures are not taken.

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At Netbytes® it's all about our customers. Known for our availability and responsiveness, Netbytes has been described as "an excellent ally" who "excels at defining and diagnosing systems maintenance and operations issues."

We also take great pride in working with you to turn your ideas and visions into tangible solutions that will help your business grow and run more efficiently. In terms of being a solutions provider, Netbytes® is known for our ability to "gather the real, rather than perceived, requirements" and "will undoubtedly find a workable, stable, secure, and maintainable solution."

This all results in us building long-term relationships with our customers. Since our inception, Netbytes® has had little customer turnover. The reason why is clear. Customers have attributed their own success to the tangible results we provide. We're thrilled to hear our customers say that Netbytes has "enabled a 2-fold growth in our business over the past 6 years" and "we've been able to grow our office automation from one server with three users to a comprehensive infrastructure supporting all of our accounting, design, and management teams both in the office and in the field."

Idea-to-Delvery Cycle

Why Work With Netbytes®?

  • Your projects will succeed: Netbytes® implementation success rate for projects is greater than 92%.  (The Standish Group's 2017 CHAOS Report determined the industry average for that year was 68.9%.)
  • Dependable deliveries: Netbytes® delivers feature complete customer projects by initially agreed upon critical target dates and budgets over 78% of the time.  (The Standish Group's 2017 CHAOS Report determined the industry average for feature complete on-time and within budget deliveries for that year was, at best, 16.2%.)
  • Responsiveness: Average time for a live Netbytes® representative to answer the phone is 20 seconds.
  • Experience: Netbytes' principal consultants have more than 40 calendar years of experience in Information Technology. (Many companies will claim similar durations of experience. However often they are talking in terms of the combined man years of multiple individuals, not on any one individual's actual calendar years of experience. Generally this is a tactic intended to distort their actual experience.)
  • No offshoring: 100% of the Netbytes® representatives you will speak to are located in the United States. (Unless they are out of the country working on a project for a customer.)
  • Vendor neutrality: Our recommendations are made based on customer needs alone.  We don't get paid by vendors to peddle their goods.  We get paid by our customers to provide the best possible solutions.
  • No double standards: Netbytes® runs on the same solutions and services it provides to its customers, from IT Infrastructure to Tailored Software Solutions.  We also implement multiple layers of security for remote access to the systems we use. Including two factor authentication which is mandatory for Netbytes representatives and an available option for customers.
  • Downtime is almost unknown to our customers: Our onsite hosting facility has an overall uptime greater than 99.99%.  We also can provide customer's requiring on-site equipment mulitple redundancies to keep things running even when hardware components fail. (aka Business Continuity)  In addition, we have express emergency response service options where we can be at your location within hours of major system failures to ensure any outages can be resolved as soon as possible.
  • Dependable Security and Compliance Experience: Netbytes® not only helps companies define and maintain secure and compliant pratices. We are also obligated to follow several regulatory compliances. So you can trust your data is safe when stored on our systems. You are also ensured that we have the right "hands on" experience you need to meet your needs.
  • Proven systems/code review and due diligence experience: Since 2001 Netbytes® has provided valuable assitance in the areas of technology reviews. Our "outside the box" thinking has enabled us to provided unique and powerful insights into how systems and development teams fare overall and when compared to others we have reviewed.
  • We are your "go to" technology partner: We can assist with some, or be responsible for ALL, of your business technology needs. Our experience covers everything from computer systems to office copiers to phone systems. So there's no more reason to juggle multiple vendors. Netbytes® can act as your single "General Contractor" to handle any of your business technology needs.
  • Consistency: Netbytes® has had the same ownership and management since it was founded in 1996.  And our founding management remains technically up-to-date and provides invaluable experience to assist with the more difficult cases.  They also provide oversight on all projects currently in the planning or execution phase.

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